Trucking Accident Scene Investigation & Reconstruction

by Ralph Scoccimaro

Warning: The images below could be disturbing to some individuals, especially children or those who have been involved in devastating accidents. Please use discretion when viewing.


Many lawyers go for the quick settlement. At Brown & Scoccimaro, P.C., we thoroughly investigate the scene of the accident. We even recreate the circumstances of the accident to give jurors the same perspective that the injured party had, in the seconds before the accident occurred.

We do this to ensure that you receive the maximum amount of damages you deserve for your injuries. 

Above is an example of a reenactment we did for a wrongful death Tractor-Trailer case. Brown & Scoccimaro, P.C, rented a Tractor-Trailer and hired five off-duty Georgia State Patrolmen to drive the test vehicles to determine what the decedent’s perspective was when he drove into the rear of the illegally parked trailer.



Below are images of the van shortly after the accident occurred.

Brown & Scoccimaro hired an airplane to shoot images of a stretch of highway where another deadly accident occurred.Another good reason for accident scene photos. A picture is worth a thousand words. The person responsible for this accident was driving under the influence.


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