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Confidential v. International Transit, Superior Court Dougherty County, cv-2423-2

Settled after failed mediation

Practice Area: Trucking Accident
Outcome: Settled after failed mediation $3.8 million
Description: Tractor Trailer driver, high on pain killers, drove on the wrong side of the road on HWY 19, Albany, Ga. Slammed head-on into client’s van. Broke both femur and knees. Hotly contested over parent corporation as a named party. Former CEO executive secretary was found through an ad in a JAX paper. She turned over a multitude of documents demonstrating daily control by the parent, as well as a picture of the shredder she was supposed to use to destroy those documents.




Confidential v. Confidential Ob-gyn, Dougherty Superior Court


Practice Area: Medical Malpractice
Outcome: $2 million settlement
Description: Misdiagnosis of cervical cancer. Plaintiff could have been saved had there been an earlier diagnosis.




Confidential v. Cotton States Ins Co,. Dougherty State Court

Settled Third Day of Trial

Practice Area: Car Accidents
Outcome: settled during third day of trial, $795,000
Description: Insurance adjuster, who was arguably on the job, suffered a heart attack and traveled into plaintiff’s lane of travel. Plaintiff suffered two broken femur. Major issue was whether defendant was acting in furtherance of employer’s business at the time of the crash.




Confidential v Ga. DOT, Superior Court of Randolph County, CV 046

Jury trial

Practice Area: Construction & Development
Outcome: $2.6 million.
Description: Tractor trailer was hit by plaintiff’s car at an intersection outside of Cuthbert, Ga. The intersection had poor sight distance for the plaintiffs’ direction. They could not see traffic coming from their right side. The DOT was sued for a design defect. Three experts testified for the defense and one for the plaintiff. The tractor trailer was speeding, according to the black box info. Plaintiff’s husband of 40 yrs died and she suffered multiple broken bones and slight brain injury. Verdict of over $3 million was capped at $1 million person, The trucking company’s insurance company paid over their limits of $1 million. Jury awarded $2.2 million for surviving widow and $695,000 for death.




Confidential v. All Coast Intermodal Services, Inc, Superior Court of Lowndes County, cv-256


Practice Area: Trucking Accident
Outcome: $995,000.00
Description: Tractor Trailer turned in front of client’s van. Caused closed head injury. Negative MRI and CT. Neuropsychologist testified that she suffered mild traumatic brain injury and minor forehead scar. Hotly contested on issue of head injury. Very conservative jury, including head of local chamber of commerce and police officer. Offer at mediation was $90,000.00. Offer at trial was lowered to $75,000.00. Defense tried to sway the jury with a local female former State Court judge sitting second chair. The driver of the truck was found to have over 150 logging violations and was a convicted felon X 2. He should have been permanently disqualified from holding a CDL but was hired anyway. Jury made multiple award for property, attorneys fees, expenses and injury compensation. The next day they made an award of punitive damages. Case took over a week to try.




Confidential v. Blanco, et al, Superior Court of Dougherty County, cv-2001-1

Summary Judgment

Practice Area: Car Accidents
Outcome: $2 million policy limits of employer and $25k from driver’s carrier
Description: The plaintiff’s decedent was driving a moped when a car driven by the defendant turned in front of him. The plaintiff died instantly, leaving a family and a special needs child. Hotly contested over the issue of whether the driver was on a mission for his employer, employer argued that he was on his lunch break. Driver only maintained minimum limits on his policy and was a judgment proof illegal alien. Prevailed on Summary Judgment against employer.




Miller v Confidential

Mediated Settlement

Practice Area: Trucking Accident
Outcome: $900,000 mediated settlement
Description: Trucker was lost on foggy morning and ran a stop sign, and a 72-yr-old nurse slammed into the truck. She suffered serious facial bone injuries. She fully recovered and went back to work. She was a tough woman.




Confidential v. Griffin, Superior Court of Henry County, cv-1636-M


Practice Area: Car Accidents
Outcome: Settled $592,840.62
Description: Crash occurred on HWY 75 when plaintiff was struck by a car that had hydroplaned in opposite lane and traveled into the plaintiff’s lane of travel. Defendant maintained minimum limits. Plaintiff maintained good UM coverage.


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