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Scoccimaro Law Group has helped people who have experience abuse and neglect at the hands of Nursing Home providers.

When we are forced to place our loved ones in the care of others, we hope to find a clean, healthy place with compassionate and experienced caregivers. Sometimes what looks good on the surface is hiding what can only be called abuse. Nursing Home abuse results in injury and death. If your loved one has been mistreated, don’t stand for it another day.

Georgia Nursing Home Neglect Lawyers

It is difficult to make the decision to entrust your loved one to a nursing home. We believe that it is reasonable to expect that they will receive the attention and care they deserve. Unfortunately too often, a nursing home staff member will violate that trust, neglecting or abusing residents. Sometimes it is due to the nursing home company cutting corners or providing inadequate supervision of their employees; sometimes it is just a case of an abusive staff member.

Ralph Scoccimaro can fight to get justice, no matter who is at fault for nursing home abuse or neglect. We strongly encourage anyone believing they have a case of nursing home negligence to contact us as soon as possible. Our nursing home neglect lawyers offer free initial consultations and do all work on contingency, meaning that our clients pay nothing directly out of pocket, we only receive payment once a settlement or judgment is obtained.

Scoccimaro Law Group has the Experience to Help with Any Type of Nursing Home Neglect. We  have the experience and knowledge to take on any opponent abusing nursing home residents through:

  • Dehydration
  • Malnutrition
  • Failure to monitor
  • Medication errors
  • Sexual abuse
  • Verbal abuse
  • Bedsores
  • Misdiagnosis, failure to diagnose
  • Surgical errors and other medical malpractice


Welcome to Ralph Scoccimaro Law Group – Compassionate Advocates for Nursing Home Neglect Victims in Georgia

When our loved ones enter a nursing home, we trust that they will receive the care and attention they deserve. Unfortunately, cases of nursing home neglect and elder abuse are all too common. At Ralph Scoccimaro Law Group, we are dedicated to fighting for the rights of elderly individuals who have suffered injuries or abuse in nursing homes across Georgia.

Why Choose Ralph Scoccimaro Law Group for Nursing Home Neglect Cases?

1. Compassionate Advocacy:
We understand the emotional toll nursing home neglect and elder abuse take on families. Our legal team approaches each case with compassion, providing support and a strong voice for victims who may be unable to speak for themselves.

2. Extensive Experience:
With a wealth of experience in personal injury law, Ralph Scoccimaro Law Group specializes in nursing home neglect cases. We have a deep understanding of the laws and regulations governing nursing homes in Georgia and use this knowledge to build strong cases for our clients.

3. Comprehensive Investigation:
Nursing home neglect cases require a thorough investigation. Our legal team works diligently to gather evidence, interview witnesses, and consult with medical experts to establish the extent of neglect or abuse and hold responsible parties accountable.

4. Legal Expertise in Elder Abuse:
Elder abuse can take various forms, from physical harm to emotional distress. Our attorneys have the legal expertise to address the complexities of elder abuse cases, seeking justice for victims and their families.

5. Client-Centered Approach:
Ralph Scoccimaro Law Group prioritizes the needs and well-being of our clients. We maintain open communication, keeping you informed at every stage of the legal process. Your concerns and goals guide our legal strategy.

Our Areas of Expertise in Nursing Home Neglect and Elder Abuse:

1. Physical Neglect:
We advocate for victims who have suffered physical neglect in nursing homes, ensuring they receive the necessary care and holding facilities accountable for their negligence.

2. Emotional Abuse:
Emotional abuse can be just as harmful as physical neglect. Our legal team is committed to addressing cases of emotional abuse, seeking compensation for the mental and emotional distress experienced by elderly individuals.

3. Financial Exploitation:
If your loved one has been a victim of financial exploitation in a nursing home, we work tirelessly to recover stolen assets and hold those responsible accountable.

Contact Ralph Scoccimaro Law Group Today:

If you suspect nursing home neglect or elder abuse, don’t hesitate to seek legal help. Contact Ralph Scoccimaro Law Group for a free consultation. Our compassionate nursing home neglect lawyers are ready to listen to your concerns and fight for the rights of your loved ones. Your journey to justice and the protection of the elderly starts here.

We have gained many million-dollar settlements and verdicts for our clients. Of course, one of the main objects of our nursing home neglect lawyers is to prevent companies and individuals from ever committing similar acts of elder abuse again.

Contact Our Georgia Nursing Home Neglect Lawyers

In cases of Georgia nursing home neglect, as in any personal injury case, time is of the essence. The sooner you contact our Georgia nursing home neglect lawyers for a free initial consultation, the more evidence we can collect and preserve. We help people throughout South Georgia, including Albany, Leesburg, Dawson, Americus, Cordele, Tifton, Thomasville, Blakely, Donaldsonville, Camilla, Pelham, Moultrie, Cairo, Bainbridge, Valdosta, Ashburn, Adel, and Sylvester.

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