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Has Your Child Been Injured?

Serious injuries and wrongful deaths involving young children make up parents’ worst nightmares. Often, if children suffer injuries in such accidents, someone is liable. If a person or organization is negligent in a way that causes a child injury, they should be held fully accountable to make sure they never allow such an accident to occur again.

The lawyers of Brown & Scoccimaro, P.C. are devoted to helping parents obtain justice for their children’s injuries. We take all injury cases on contingency, meaning that we only charge a fee once financial compensation is obtained by settlement or judgment. Contact our lawyers for a free initial consultation.

Common Child Injuries

There are certain types of accidents that frequently befall small children. Under the law, any child under nine years old can not be considered even partially at fault for an accident. Our lawyers have spent more than 28 years helping thousands of victims of personal injury; we can help anyone who has seen their small child or infant suffer from:

  • Dangerous toys
  • Car seat injury
  • Pit bull attacks and other dog bites
  • Child drowning or other swimming pool accident
  • Trampoline accident
  • Playground equipment accident
  • Fire ants
  • Day care negligence
  • Child head injury

These are only a few dangerous products or situations that can injure and kill children. Many more are listed on the Web site for the Consumer Products Safety Commission, a federal agency that informs the public about defective toys and products. Our lawyers have an extensive practice taking on any company responsible for a dangerous product.

Georgia Child Injury FAQs

Who should I contact after my child is injured?
First, contact 911 or seek medical attention. Your child’s pediatrician should always be contacted.


What if I think the injury was partly my child's fault?
There are many possible causes for an accident. Your child’s actions and the actions or negligence of others are compared to determine how much responsibility each party owes and then your financial damages are awarded based upon how much each party contributed to your child’s injury. Talk to a lawyer who can expertly investigate and evaluate your case.


Do I need a Personal Injury Lawyers for my child's injury?
Yes, experienced lawyers know the rules and procedures associated with filing any insurance claim. You want to focus on your child’s medical recovery, and not on insurance claims. Insurance companies simply won’t take your claim seriously unless you are properly represented.


Who pays for my child's medical bills?
There are different insurance coverage issues involved in any injury.  Ralph Scoccimaro is an experienced personal injury lawyer who can help you sort through the responsibility of paying medical bills.


Can I recover even if the liable party has no insurance?
Yes, you can possibly recover damages. Contact Scoccimaro Law Group for a free case evaluation.


What kind of damages can I recover for my child's injury?
When your child is injured, you’re entitled to recover damages for the child’s injuries and whichever of the following that apply:

  • Medical expenses
  • General damages
  • Household services
  • Lost wages
  • Future medical expenses
  • Loss of earning capacity
  • Disfigurement
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Loss of consortium
  • Loss of society and companionship


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If you believe your child’s injury may warrant a case, please contact our Georgia child injury lawyers quickly for a free initial consultation. We must begin work soon to protect evidence that our opponents might want to destroy. Our attorneys help the people of South Georgia, including Albany, Leesburg, Dawson, Americus, Cordele, Tifton, Thomasville, Blakely, Donaldsonville, Camilla, Pelham, Moultrie, Cairo, Bainbridge, Valdosta, Ashburn, Adel, and Sylvester.


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Ralph Scoccimaro Law Group will litigate truck accident and trucking injury cases so you receive the greatest possible money recovery. This goes for Georgia and any other state. Ralph Scoccimaro specializes in trucking accident law and also protects clients who have been injured in motorcycle accidents, boating accidents by drunk driver and unsafe drivers, pedestrian and bicycle accidents, and highway construction and building construction accidents. No matter what your injury, if you were not at fault, Ralph Scoccimaro Law Group will represent you to the best of our ability.

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