Albany High Celebrates Law Day with Local Attorneys

Ralph ScoccimaroAlbany High School celebrated Law Day with a legal forum and a “lunch and learn” event.
During the forum, students heard from Albany Municipal Court Associate Judge Ralph Scoccimaro. Judge Scoccimaro shared the story of a high school dropout who eventually became a very successful trial lawyer. He told the students how a young boy was influenced by one mentor who said to him, “without an education you are nothing” and by another who gave the young man an opportunity to work with Georgia Legal Services. In the end, Judge Scoccimaro identified the high school dropout and the young boy as himself.

After hearing from Judge Scoccimaro, students met Judge Willie Lockette, the mentor who selected Judge Scoccimaro for a position with Legal Services. Judge Lockette shared the meaning behind this year’s Law Day theme, “The Legacy of John Adams-From Boston to Guantanamo.” The forum ended with a time for questions and discussion. The Law Day “lunch and learn” allowed an opportunity for students to ask legal questions. Law Day Chairman, Charles Lamb arranged for a group of attorneys to be at an information booth during both lunch periods. Students asked questions about legal careers, such as “how long do I have to go to school to be a lawyer?” and “if I do not want to go to school for that long, but am interested in the law, are there other options?” One student who had just learned CPR in her emergency medical class asked, “Can I be arrested if someone needs CPR but I do not give them CPR and the person dies.” Lawyers participating in “lunch and learn” were Karen Brown (Public Defender’s Office), Roosevelt Carter, Will Davis (Georgia Legal Services), Tom Duck, and Charles Lamb. Law Day activities were arranged by Albany High School Law and Justice teacher Lynn Miller.