Ralph Scoccimaro goes above and beyond the call of duty

Ralph Scoccimaro goes above and beyond the call of duty

Ralph Scoccimaro goes above and beyond the call of duty

Posted by a Media client, 

by Ralph Scoccimaro

The following is an endorsement from a client I have represented:

Overall rating:   Excellent

Trustworthy:   Excellent

Responsive:   Excellent

Knowledgeable:   Excellent

Kept me informed:   Excellent

  • I recommend Ralph Scoccimaro.
  • I used Ralph 1-3 years ago.
  • Ralph handled my Communications / Media matter.
  • I have previously worked with 3-5 lawyers.


When the newspaper where I was employed and I were frivolously sued for libel, Mr. Scoccimaro worked tirelessly to defend both myself and my employer against a $10,000,000.00 lawsuit.Mr. Scoccimaro proved the events reported in the news article were in fact, not libelous at all, and that one of the persons mentioned in the article was indeed a public figure and had appeared on local news stations numerous times as an official representative of the city.During this time, I was extremely grateful that he was on our side in this matter. After seeing him in action, I remember thinking, “Thank goodness he’s with us and not against us.”The case was dismissed. Mr. Scoccimaro not only defended us, but defended the First Amendment in the process.My publisher selected Mr. Scoccimaro as a defense attorney in this matter because we knew his reputation as a fierce advocate would be our best chance at dismissal of the lawsuit. We knew of his solid belief in the First Amendment and our right to free speech. We reported on many of the cases in which he defended his clients, both civil and criminal, and so we also knew how tough he could be.Since that time, Mr. Scoccimaro has been appointed to serve as Associate Judge for the Municipal Court of Albany, Georgia. While he no longer defends criminal cases, he still represents his clients with the same amount of enthusiasm – as if their very lives depend upon it.A lot of lawyers say, “We represent the little guy.” Ralph Scoccimaro doesn’t just represent the little guy, he FIGHTS for the little guy.